Duct Sealing Repair & Replacement in Bay Area, CA

Your ductwork is an integral, but often ignored portion of your central heating and air conditioning system. You can have the finest furnace money can buy but without a quality duct system to deliver the heat, it won’t do you much good. Your ductwork is located in one or both of the most isolated (and poorly maintained) spaces in your house: the crawlspace or the attic.

As a result, your ductwork will endure wear and tear and damage and you won’t notice, even though it may be quietly costing you hundreds of dollars in utility bills. Fortunately for your ductwork and your peace of mind, Moore Mechanical offers a variety of ductwork services including ductwork repairs, replacement, and sealing.


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Diagram displaying ductwork issues


Diagram with resolved ductwork issues

Ductwork Inspection in Dublin, CA

If you feel that your home’s ductwork needs some improvements a good place to start is with an inspection. A thorough inspection from a trained technician can help identify issues in your ductwork such as damaged ductwork, cracked ductwork, and issues with sealing or dirty ductwork.  Any duct repair or replacement will require a thorough inspection from one of Moore Mechanical’s trained technicians. Our technician will give you an excellent, thorough, and honest inspection in a timely manner. A visual inspection is a good start to finding out what you need to know about your duct system. After the inspection is performed, our technician will make recommendations on the next steps to be taken based on his findings. This could include repairing damaged ductwork, a complete duct replacement, sealing and/or cleaning. Our goal is that this inspection will be completed in an efficient manner and will give you an honest idea of what needs to be done to make sure your ductwork works as it should.

Sealing Your Existing DuctworkIllustration of a duct

If rooms in your home take a long time to get to the desired temperature, you may have an air leakage problem, and that means that it’s time to call Moore Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning. If your ducts are leaking, you are most likely supplying air to your crawlspace or attic instead of the interior of your home. So, by getting your ducts sealed, you can stop conditioning these undesired areas and save yourself a lot of utility bill heartache. A pressure test is a great way to reveal all airflow loss with mathematical precision.


In houses with forced air heating and cooling systems, ducts are used to distribute conditioned air throughout the house. In a typical house, however, about 20 percent of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks and poorly sealed connections. The result is higher utility bills and difficulty keeping the house comfortable, no matter how the thermostat is set.

Because some ducts are concealed in walls and between floors, repairing them can be difficult. However, exposed ducts in attics, basements, crawlspaces, and garages can be repaired by sealing the leaks with duct sealant. In addition, insulating ducts that run through spaces that get hot in summer or cold in winter (like attics, garages, or crawlspaces) can save significant amount energy.

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Benefits of Duct Sealing

A duct system that is well-designed and properly sealed can make your home more comfortable, energy efficient, and safer.

  • Comfort: Sealing and insulating ducts can help with common comfort problems, such as rooms that are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Fumes from household and garden chemicals, insulation particles, and dust can enter your duct system, aggravating asthma and allergy problems. Sealing ducts can help improve indoor air quality by reducing the risk of pollutants entering ducts and circulating through your home.
  • Safety: During normal operation, gas appliances such as water heaters, clothes dryers, and furnaces release combustion gases (like carbon monoxide) through their ventilation systems. Leaky ductwork in your heating and cooling system may cause “back drafting,” where these gases are drawn back into the living space, rather than expelled to the outdoors. Sealing leaks can minimize this risk.
  • Save Money: Leaky ducts can reduce heating and cooling system efficiency by as much as 20 percent. Sealing and insulating ducts increases efficiency, lowers your energy bills, and can often pay for itself in energy savings. Plus, if you’re planning to install new heating and cooling equipment, a well-designed and sealed duct system may allow you to downsize to a smaller, less costly heating and cooling system that will provide better dehumidification.
  • Protect the Environment: Energy used in our homes often comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants, which contributes to smog, acid rain, and global warming. Simply put, the less energy we use in our homes, the less air pollution we generate. By sealing your ducts and reducing the amount of energy necessary to comfortably heat or cool your home, you can reduce the amount of air pollution generated.

 Cleaning Your Dirty Ductwork

Thank you for your interest in the duct cleaning services provided by Moore Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning.

When you choose a licensed HVAC contractor to perform a duct cleaning at your home, you are ensuring that the technicians are familiar with a heating and ductwork system, something that a carpet cleaning company cannot claim.

When/How Often Should Ductwork Be Cleaned?

Typically we recommend that ductwork be cleaned every 5-7 years. However, there are many factors in determining if you are in need of duct cleaning and how frequent the cleaning should be done.

A few of these include:

  • Smokers in the household
  • Pets that shed large amounts of hair and dander
  • Water contamination or damage to the HVAC system
  • Occupants with asthma or allergies
  • Home was recently remodeled or renovated
  • You have just moved into the home

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