For over 23 years, we’ve helped to keep families across San Francisco Bay Area and By equipping our technicians with the latest training and tools, we can provide you with prompt, accurate, and affordable heating services for residential and commercial properties.

You can contact us 24/7 to complete any of your heating installations, services, maintenance or repairs. Our licensed and insured technicians are trained to work with any make or model. Some of the heating products and services we offer include:

  • Heat pumps
  • Gas furnaces
  • Gas boilers
  • Oil to gas conversions

Heating System


Why Perform Planned Maintenance on Your Heating System?

  • Your heating system will run at peak efficiency – saving you money on energy costs
  • Your heating system will run when you need it the most – those really hot days
  • Your heating system will run with very few problems – fewer service calls
  • Your heating system will last longer

Performing Routine Maintenance on Your Heating System

Proper routine maintenance on your heating system will always include a detailed safety check of all operating systems. This safety check includes reviews of each component and how it is operating. The system is checked for overall efficiency, and cleaned. The filters in your heating system should either be cleaned or replaced as part of this routine maintenance. You should also receive a written report indicating the status of your heating system, including any service recommendations.

AQM is a leader in heating system service and repair agreements, and offers several plans to cover your heater for everything from routine service and maintenance to any needed repairs, depending on the plan selected.

Energy-Saving Programmable Thermostats

Saving as much as 10% on your heating bill is as easy and affordable as installing a programmable digital thermostat. It will also make your home or business more comfortable at the same time. A programmable thermostat can easily be installed in your home or business and programmed in as little as one hour. In most cases, the existing electrical wiring can be adapted to your new programmable thermostat.

AQM offers many different models of programmable thermostats for your heating system, and has several types in stock on every service vehicle to ensure a good fit for almost any home or business application.

Complete Air Duct Cleaning

The air in your home or business may be over 20 times worse than the air just outside it. Normally, this is the result of neglecting the interior of our forced air ducts and the coils in our HVAC systems. A professional cleaning of both will enhance the cleanliness of your home or business, and provide you with cleaner air to breathe.