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ATTIC BRIGHT – Attic Decontamination & Rodent Cleaning

Appropriate decontamination from rodents in your loft, mice, rodents and other pests is harder than you might think. It’s essential not just to eliminate all visible droppings and debris, but to tackle the world of invisible dangers still lingering. Fungi, germs, and germs remain even when all visible signs of rodents have been gone. This can result in diseases being harbored and disperse after-the-fact. Professional attic decontamination measures must be taken to make certain that your house is free from all rodent-related health dangers.

Our technicians have the latest, effective equipment and materials to make sure your home is 100% free of contamination and any residual odor. When you want to secure your house, you can’t take shortcuts. That is why you call in professionals like us who can give you total and complete peace of mind.

Simply cleaning the attic or crawl space from bark waste might not eliminate all of the germs, fungi, and bacteria from these regions. Moreover, there may be lingering foul odors that won’t disappear unless the appropriate attic decontamination steps are taken.

Attic Bright is locally owned and operated and is the greatest Yelp rated Attic business in San Francisco We’ve got a team of professionals that are prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable about attic decontamination.

A.1 Year Warranty: We provide a 1-year guarantee on loft services supplied.
B. Licensed, Bonded, Insured: We now have a general contractors license in addition to an insulation license. See our BBB profile for San Francisco Attic Business
C. Free Inspection Photos: Unlike many competitors, we take pictures in your attic and discuss them with you immediately so that you know what is happening up there.                                                                                                                                                   

Our Home Attic Decontamination Procedure

We then search for the simplest way to safely and quickly remove the contaminants.

The machines and disinfectants we use to decontaminate your loft are specifically designed for safe and efficient us during both residential and commercial loft decontamination processes.

We extricate all of the grime, scents, and toxic contaminants from your loft.

What Makes Us Different?

1.Bagging and Removal: We bag and remove the insulation that’s contaminated with feces, urine, and other substances.
2.Removal: We eliminate the droppings which might have been left behind. Employing powerful business vacuuming equipment while maintaining a safe, healthful environment.
3.Disinfection: We disinfect your loft to eliminate allergens and germs while killing parasites such as fleas.
4.Re-insulation and Prevention: We re-insulate your loft with the ideal material after rodent proofing your loft to prevent future animal infestations.


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