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Removing insulation from your loft or crawl-space may be necessary because of rodent infestation, debris, dirt or damage caused by remodeling and construction. Removing insulation is a difficult and tedious project which needs specialized equipment and safety equipment. All of the technicians in Attic Bright Inc are correctly trained in every facet of the attic cleanup, insulation removal, and insulation installation procedure.

If your insulation was damaged because of rodent infestation, construction, and remodeling, or some other reason, then it could no longer perform the way it was intended. This can result in increased energy costs to heat and cool your house.

Rodents Make Attic Insulation Their Dwelling

Properly removing insulation as a result of rodent contamination is essential to a wholesome environment. But most of all, it can be the solution for you and your family’s health issues, such as allergies and respiratory infections.The elimination of contaminated insulation has to be implemented with proper precautions to ensure that the contaminated insulation, debris, rodent droppings, and pee do not make their way to your living area and into the atmosphere. Throughout the process of removing the contaminated insulation, we make certain this does not happen by using the proper equipment and proper processes.

The Attic Insulation Removal Procedure

Each of our insulation removal jobs starts the exact same way, with meticulous preliminary preparation. The floor and walls resulting in your attic entry are coated with a durable protective plastic sheeting. Pictures, furniture, and other valuables are transferred to a safe location to ensure that they’re not damaged or harmed at all.

Blown-In insulation (fiberglass, cellulose, and Rockwool) is vacuumed from the loft into big insulation removal bags. This is achieved by means of a strong 19 HP vacuum insulation removal system that’s placed beyond the structure. A 6″ extended hose is then fed to the loft area where the insulation is to be eliminated. The insulation is then vacuumed out, and any rodent waste and debris, leaving your loft space clean and free of rodent droppings and insulating material, and prepared for decontamination and rodent proofing.

Elimination of Batting (Roll) Insulation

As each piece is eliminated, it’s rolled up and put into heavy duty insulation removal bags. These bags have been removed from the attic, hauled offsite, and disposed of correctly.

Then, the attic should experience a vacuuming process. Exactly like the removal procedure for the blown-in insulating material, we utilize our strong 14 HP vacuum insulation removal system. Any remaining debris & bark waste is then vacuumed out entirely bypassing the hose between each and each of the joists.

When the insulation removal process is completed, the attic is prepared for our decontamination procedure, rodent proofing, and re-insulating. Call now to schedule a free quote with our experienced technicians. We’ll assess the job and see how we can assist you with your insulation removal needs!


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