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In Attic Bright, we realize the importance of a clean, wholesome living space. We also understand that because of their normal behavior and biology, rodents have the dangerous potential to communicate diseases throughout your dwelling. If you suspect that you have rats in your loft it is time to call an expert team that can decontaminate the area and installs effective rodent proofing systems which will keep rodents out of your dwelling. Their feces and urine contain allergens which once inhaled, can be a significant cause of sinus inflammation and asthma.

Rodent traps are not a permanent solution.
Rodent traps help, but they do not address the real problem — sealing the path that rodents use for to your attic and crawl space. Whenever you remove the traps, rodents will jump right back into your attic and crawl space.

Poisoning rodents pose significant health hazards for you, your loved ones and pets.
Poisoning rodents work, but just like traps, it does not address the actual issue. Even worse, it isn’t a safe choice. And yes! You understand exactly what is going to happen 4 days after you’ve got a dead rat, mouse, rodent, mole, a chinchilla, or a crab on your attic Do not allow the odor ruin the comfort of your home, call us and we’ll save your attic and crawl space.

Rodent entry points can be tough to discover.
Since rodents can contort their bodies and squeeze through extremely tight spaces, their entry points can be as little as a quarter inch which makes them incredibly tough to discover. We’re experts at locating these concealed entrance points and sealing them without impacting your home’s natural venting.

Rodents have the propensity to chew anything and everything they bump into. Including electrical wires, insulation, wood, air ducts and much more.


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