Installing a vapor barrier in your crawlspace can help to prevent moisture related issues from plaguing your crawlspace or basement areas. Many issues of flooding or water damage in basements can be prevented with a proper vapor barrier installation. With the help of Attic Solutions in the Bay Area we can provide vapor barrier installation.


Our staff has the training and specialized tools to provide crawlspace moisture barrier installation. This can help to keep your crawlspace and much more comfortable temperature, prevent moisture from rising through the crawlspace and affecting the internal temperature of your home and prevent pest infestations.

Any uninsulated crawlspace within your home or property can present a severe disadvantage for your cooling and heating system. The damp soil within a crawlspace can often lead to cooler air rising up through the house as well as odors making their way up into your property. This can often lead to unpleasant smells and issues with temperature control over time.

With the help of a proper vapor barrier you can keep the dampness of your home down and make sure that your floors can stay warm in the winter months. If you are constantly plagued with dampness from your crawlspace, or you could use assistance with controlling moisture and temperature is in your property, contact us today.